The Power of Name

Names carry weight.  Names carry authority.  Names carry identity.

What do you think of when you hear certain names?

Donald Trump?

Michael Phelps?

Fidel Castro?

Kanye West?

Martin Luther King Jr.?

Jesus Christ?

Each of these names represents not only the person, but what the person was or is associated with.  Names are associated with goals and accomplishments.

Donald Trump represents the presidency of the United States.  Michael Phelps causes one to think of swimming as well as the Olympics.  Fidel Castro leads one to think of communism and Cuba.  Hearing the name Kanye West may bring to mind the hip-hop music industry.  Martin Luther King Jr. reminds one of the civil rights movement and the great cost at which things move forward.  The name of Jesus Christ brings one to realize the historical cross.

What we see here is that a name is more than a set of letters arranged in a certain order.  A name is a reputation.

“A good name is to be chosen
rather than great riches.” Proverbs 22:1

A good name does not come with no bit of work.  A good name comes over time.  It comes by good decisions.  It comes by hard work.  It comes by selfless actions.  It does not come easy.  It does not come cheap.  After all, though “Jesus” is just a name, it brings us to the realization that the fact that He is Lord, is the blood-bought status He carries in our lives.

All things good are of God.  A name that brings Christ to memory is a name that could be considered good.  It is a name that cries out, “I am a child of the one true King!”

Riches may fade, but a name sticks around.  Imagine family members that have passed.  In their lifeless bodies, they carry no ability to hold riches.  There is no longer a way to enjoy what riches may purchase.  Yet, there is one thing that is remembered, and that is their name.  When you remember their name, they are remembered for something.

At funerals, the eulogy typically consists of stories telling of the character of the deceased.  They may share stories according to the title that best fit the loved one.  These titles carry weight.  Think of these: father, mother, child, boss, employee, coach, citizen, criminal, thief, saint, villain, hero.  Each of these titles represents the identity of a name.

Sometimes these names are not too far apart.  A villain may be one decision from being a hero.  A hero may be one decision from being a villain.

Either alive or deceased, your name will bring something to mind.  It may be a memory.  It may be something you stand for.  It may be a stupid decision you made once.  The simple question is: What do people think of when your name is mentioned?  What is the legacy you have left through your reputation?  The power of name is not the power of me, but the power of where your name finds identity.

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