Life Begins in the Womb

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that New York has been leading the nation in “civil rights” bills being passed.  Recently, New York City passed a bill on gender identity and birth certificates.  Now, the entire state has passed a bill on abortion.

My goal here is not to simply disagree with the new abortion bill that has been passed as of January 22, 2019.  My goal is now to give the “what” of my disagreement and leave the “why” for a follow up post.  It is something that has been celebrated widely in the state of New York.  In response to the passing of the bill, Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, tweeted, “The is now law in New York State. We lit the spire pink to celebrate.”

The Pendulum of Culture

Culture is always shifting.  The pendulum swings back and forth from the left to the right and then the right to the left and back again.  This is expected.  We are currently in a far-swinging pendulum.  Since Roe V. Wade in 1973, over 60 million abortions have taken place in the U.S.  What is happening?

We have defiled ourselves at the altar of sexual idolatry.  We have defiled ourselves at the altar of relative truth.  We have defiled ourselves with the insidious notion of “follow our heart.”  We have defiled ourselves at the altar of rationalizing the morality of murder.  The “everyone has their own truth” claim has led to the total forfeit of any concrete truth.  No longer is their truth, there is conjecture.  No longer is there fact, there is feeling.

Our country has come a long way from the Hays Code of 1930 that regulated media.  Our country has come a long way from “In God we trust.”  Don’t get me wrong, never was America a Christian nation.  Only Israel was God’s nation, and even they failed at that.  How would we expect to be any better?  America is not Israel.  America is Babylon.

We are in a world that is urging children toward the morality of this teaching.  The video below reveals this reality.

The same who accuse God of immorality in the Old Testament (while ignoring His justice), are those who are sacrificing their children to Molech (Leviticus 20:2; Deuteronomy 12:31; Jeremiah 32:35).

More than ever, we need to know what we believe, and why.  The pendulum will continue to swing.  Will we swing with it?  May we pray that the pendulum of culture does not come to the end of God’s wrath.

A Christian Response

The Christian can respond in a few ways:

  1. Know what you believe
  2. Know why you believe
  3. Set your heart not on attacking those who abort, but on defending those who are aborted.  We are not warriors to ambush those we disagree with, we are mediators speaking for the defenseless.
  4. Love! Love! Love!  Do not speak out of hate for the aborter, but out of love for both the aborter and the aborted.



3 thoughts on “Life Begins in the Womb

  1. Exceptional post, my friend. I couldn’t agree more. We have slid down the slippery slope and there is no end in sight. I wonder how the abortion crowd would feel if we started aborting dogs and cats the same way we do humans? I bet there would be a huge outcry that we are being cruel to those amimals. We have lost all sensitivity in this country. We need a revival!


    • Thank you, Pete! It is a scary day and age. As my wife and I raise our daughter (currently just over a year), we are really trying to think through how to wade through the difficulties that this postmodern culture is throwing at us. A revival is needed, indeed!


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