Life Unfolds in the Womb

In a previous post, I briefly reasoned what I believe not only about abortion, but about the new bill that has been passed in New York.  As a reminder, the bill states that a woman can legally undergo an abortion up to the due date, under extenuating medical circumstances.  My goal here is now to lay out the “why” of my stance.

The “Why” From Reason

My fear is that this makes murder a matter of geography.  According to the new bill, a fetus can be terminated up to the due date if the mother’s health is at risk or there is an absence of fetal viability.  My child was born two weeks early.  She came out of the womb moving, screaming, and breathing.  She was utterly and completely alive at 38 weeks.

The new bill states that a child can be aborted if in the womb, up to the due date (40 weeks), under very specific circumstances.  This is legal termination.  Yet, if the child is born and exists outside of the womb, it would be murder.  The difference is not a matter of time or development of the fetus, but of geography.  Within the womb, a child can be terminated up to 40 weeks.  Yet, if that same fetus is born at 35-weeks, it cannot be terminated.  The 35-week-old fetus can be on the way to the clinic to be aborted, but if it is born on the way, it would then be murder.  It is a matter of geography.

We have handed the status of moral arbiter to physicians.  An M.D. is now all that is required to declare whether a termination is murder or not.  We have given them the ability to define compassion.

We have given the determination of truth over to those who cannot even agree on what truth is.  Does a myriad of opinions and conjectures in doctors not reveal the vast inconsistencies in this logic?  It propagates the false ideology that truth is relative to one’s perspective.  Doctors are now the moral arbiters for the unborn, and they cannot even agree.  Total truth is a thing of the past.

Murder is a now a matter of geography.

Within the womb = legal termination.

Outside of the womb = murder.

The “Why” From Scripture

John Piper has spoken well and succinctly on reasons not to abort.  I will point you in his direction:

We Know They Are Killing Children — All of Us Know

Ten Reasons Why It Is Wrong to Take the Life of Unborn Children

If you have a few minutes, please watch the video below.  The blueprints of life unfold in the womb.

A Christian Response

The Christian can respond in a few ways:

  1. Know what you believe
  2. Know why you believe
  3. Set your heart not on attacking those who abort, but on defending those who are aborted.  We are not warriors to ambush those we disagree with, we are mediators speaking for the defenseless.
  4. Love! Love! Love!  Do not speak out of hate for the aborter, but out of love for both the aborter and the aborted.

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